Our Philosophy

«The real true Happiness is having something that keeps you Looking forward»

We strongly believe that every single Human Being is constantly in the search of happiness that he or she surely deserves. The concept of happiness, as a state of mind, is different from one Human Being to another. For instance contemplating the nature (mountains, rivers, forest..etc) might make some of us happy. Some are already satisfied and happy with what they are, and what they have. Some are not.

Thus being happy belongs to our intrinsic property that no-one can manipulate or manage except us. However happiness might also happen by random. This lucky aspect of happiness means that every Human Being can multiply the chances to increase His or Her own happiness. Therefore, MAKE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS HAPPEN! We advice everyone to do, or search for the very thing that makes ones more happy.

 Some are happy when they could travel, meet new people, explore new horizons. Some are happy when they can do some new shoppings and at the same time, sell what they don't need anymore. Also, some are satisfied and happy when they could be able to make other people happy. In this sense, the BAMS are willing to make other people happy in order to be self-happy.

Doing so, the BAMS propose a bunch of unexplored services to the world.

Please take a look at our services pages and get involved with them. Have fun and enjoy, while exploring our Pages.

Nevertheless, please take hereby a look at the highlight of our unexplored services in these following five points.

 1.  We connect people planing to use the same transport to travel. 

Register to meet people traveling in your destination.

2. We help by buying and selling your: Products, Estates and Properties. We facilitate and encourage our members to provide any types of legal services.

3. Have you lost your Driving License? We let you book your personal driver.

Additionally you can rent your own car, Truck or Motorbikes to private and responsible people here.  

In case you need urgently a car, or you just want to drive another car, please book here your vehicle from Private persons in the location you are in. 

4. We provide at cheaper price worldwide Events Tickets that you can joyfully bid on.

5. We provide efficient, Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence and Consulting services. 

 Based on our solid Backgrounds, we help your Business or your traditional enterprises to grow. By using Machine Learning (ML) and Business Intelligence (BI) algorithms, we propel efficiently your daily business to the targeted consumers. Therefore our competencies in Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence aim to increase your business and prognostically get you aware of any Business Fluctuation.  In Organizational Development issues, our Consulting Experts operate from Departments level to team and individual levels in your company. Doing so, we accompany the planned changes in your organization to be successful. Our Motto therefore, is totally based on customer's satisfaction and happiness.

We proudly scream our Motto this way: 


BAMS: Happy People, Happy Business

BAMS: Your happiness is our happiness

BAMS: Explode your Life, goes Baaaam! 

Last but not least, remember: You are the owner, the captain, the master, in short the God of your own happiness. Do all that it takes to BE HAPPY.

Goldy Lify & Thebams.ch Team