220V SC1000 Intelligent Temperature Control Germination Machine Rice Seed Germination Farm Seed Germination Machine 1PC

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220V SC1000 Intelligent Temperature Control Germination Machine Rice

Seed Germination Farm Seed Germination Machine 1PC


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Machine advantages:

1. The microcomputer controls the time and temperature (timing, setting temperature) to monitor the water temperature in real time.

2, the operation is simple, easy to use: the germination device does not require a special environment and a specific container, the germination operation can be carried out under the household power supply 220V.

3, rapid germination, saving germination time: set the temperature at 32 ° C, constant temperature oxygen, 48 hours (two days) within the bud.

4, high efficiency, reusable: the germination device has a short budding time, can be used repeatedly, and the efficiency is very high.

Operation guide:

1. Place the heating assembly in the center of the bottom of the container and fasten the isolation cover to the assembly.

2. Place the rice seeds (or other seeds) in a bag with a maximum of 25-30 kg of seeds per bag and place them on top of the heating assembly.

3, the length and width of the container can not exceed 1.3 meters, if the outdoor use is best to keep warm, the seed code is placed neatly, add water without seeds more than 10 cm.

4. Place the main unit on a plane higher than the water surface, and connect the connection. Be sure to plug it in.

5, connect the air pipe and temperature control line, individual air pipe may be loose due to temperature problems, use wire to tighten at the root.

6, plug in the main power supply, connect the main power supply board to choose more than 16A, the wire should be greater than 2.5 square, to avoid excessive power line fire and fire.

7. After the power is turned on, turn on the oxygen supply pump switch. At this time, there will be bubbles in the container, which will be evenly turned and tumbling.

8. Press the heating switch of the control handle to energize the heater. The heating rod is 3000w/1500w. If it trips, please replace the power supply line.

9. After pressing the heating switch, the heating lamp above the switch is displayed in red, and the work is normal. Due to the large amount of water in the container, the heating speed is relatively slow, and warm water can be injected in advance.

10. Germination begins. After 48 hours, the seeds will grow uniform buds. If you soak seeds in advance, the time may be shortened. Please control the germination time according to the actual situation. Individual varieties need to increase the germination time.




Plastic bucket or water tank:φ1.5*1.3m

Reference water volume:2600L

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