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Please be sure to carefully read the following product descriptions and red important tips to avoid unnecessary troubles. This product is limited edition, sold out at any time, please buy the buyer as soon as possible, thank you!

Manual limited edition "Bronze Horse" LED flashlight / tactical EDC highlight light flashlight

Material: GB brass / late hand-made (also copper primary)

Suitable for battery: 16340 lithium battery 700 mA / 14500 lithium battery 800 mAh
(Because international logistics can not send batteries, so the real thing does not contain batteries, buyers need to prepare themselves, thank you!)

14500 models: full length 93mm / diameter 25.5mm / weight 174g

16340 models: full length 86mm / diameter 25.5mm / weight 157g

Included: copper pendant / back clip / seal ring


The brass shell is soft and easy to oxidize and fall.

Need to avoid bumps / later available polishing / paste renovation.

"Bronze Horse" is a practical / strong function, professional flashlight with a sense of beauty

Not a toy flashlight, nor a cheap high school, low-end ordinary flashlight

Do not direct your eyes to avoid temporary dizziness.

Full body brass material (including heat-dissipating inner tube/decorative ring), hand-made titanium effect on the surface

CNC lathe processing technology, precise matching, multiple parts can be free DIY

US GREE 3 LED lights XPG3 5000k white light / maximum brightness 1300-1500 lumens

Improved 10 modes of driving dimming, more reasonable (7 bursts of background light flash has been achieved)

Because it is a smart direct drive circuit, it is a high lumen high heat flashlight.

In the very bright state with temperature control drive protection will automatically jump in the file

In this bright mode, it can last for about 35 minutes, and it is light for more than 120 minutes.

Note: the backlight is random

4 lamp CREE XPL-HI dimming drive operation instructions (tentative)

Power on to "on mode" (can be set to 50% constant light or memory mode under stepless dimming)
All major functions must be called up in "Power On Mode". The combo action is a fast half-tail switch.
* Under "Power On Mode" click to enter "Basic Mode": "Basic Mode" click to cycle between 5 gear positions: "Basic Mode" double-click to exit "Basic Mode" and return to "Power On Mode";
* Under "Power On Mode", double click to enter "Full Light Mode", "Full Light Mode High Hot", click to exit "Full Light Mode" and return to "Power On Mode".
* Under "Power On Mode", 3 combo enters "Moonlight Mode", and under "Moonlight Mode" click to return to "Power On Mode".
* Under the "boot mode", 4 combos enter "special mode", (flash, beacon, SOS); under "special mode" click to cycle between "flash, beacon, SOS", double click to return to " Boot mode".
* Under the "boot mode", 5 combos enter the "stepless dimming mode", this mode should be familiar with the operation, because the brightness output is suitable for your own / certain environment is very important.
1, boot five combos into the infinite dimming mode, "half pressure switch fast 5 combo".
2, the brightness automatically from light to low cycle, now start custom brightness settings.
3. When the automatic brightness reaches the brightness you need, press and hold the tail switch to click on the fixed, three-shot save as the memory mode.
4, boot is the brightness output memory mode you need, boot memory mode is generally low brightness mode. Continue to shine for dozens of hours without hot, constant power.
* Under "Power On Mode", 6 combo enters "Backlight Mode"; under "Backlight Mode", click to cycle between "Low, Medium, High" and double click to return to "Power On Mode".
* "Power On Mode" 7 combo to "boot mode" setting, can be set to 50% constant light, or power on mode (usually set to infinite dimming mode).
* 8 "Buttons in "Power On Mode" for "temperature control setting" (can be set between 40 degrees and 70 degrees)
* "Power-on mode" under 9 combos to "charge query" "by flashing light flashing times": (such as 3.7v, 9 combos, then slow flash 3 times to indicate 3, then off 2 seconds to indicate the point, then Slow flashing 7 means 7).
* 10 "Break to factory settings" under "Power On Mode".
Low battery alarm prompt: When the voltage is lower than 2.9v, it will be off every 0.5 seconds for 0.5 seconds, and it will automatically shut down when it is lower than 2.7v.
Special Note:
1, this dimming mode description is for reference only, because the dimming mode may need to be optimized and modified later.
2, recommended Japanese and Korean imports of lithium batteries, power lithium batteries best. Poor battery voltage is not allowed, lower than 3v low voltage protection automatically open, so it can not be properly dimmed.
3, button combo action, not one press to the end, but to quickly press and hold the tail rubber switch.

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