200W Dimmable LED High Bay Light - goldylify.com
200W Dimmable LED High Bay Light - goldylify.com
200W Dimmable LED High Bay Light - goldylify.com
200W Dimmable LED High Bay Light - goldylify.com
200W Dimmable LED High Bay Light - goldylify.com
200W Dimmable LED High Bay Light - goldylify.com

Dimmable 200W LED High Bay Light, light can be dimming from

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Upgrade with dimmable version,light can be dimming from 10%-100% by a 0-10V wall Dimmer.Energy savings of over 60%! Cut your electric bill in half from using this 150W led high bay light to replace standard 600watt high bay lights.

Best quality LED light made with Philip led chips and high quality power supply for a bright cool white light.

6FT long power cord for you to easy mount and install the led high bay.Ideal for Commercial or Industrial use. Use in your Garage,Warehouse, Supermarkets, Furniture Store, stadium,etc.Maintenance Free. Extremely long life reduces re-lamp frequency. Save labor cost to replace bulbs with short lifespan.

Instant-on, no warm up time required! No mercury, UV emissions or harmful elements. Meets IP65 Ratings. Dust & Water Resistant.

All of our UFO led high bay light are ETL listed so security performance is guaranteed.110-277V,3 year warranty 60000 hours. IP65 Rating means this fixture can also be used outdoors. Open Heat Sink design prevents build up of dust.

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